Yuneec Mantis Q

VAT included

• Foldable drone, easy to carry with you wherever you go

• Up to 33 minutes of flight time

• 4K video resolution, up to 1080p with image stabilization

• Voice control

• Flight Features: Journey, Point of Interest, Return Home

• Visual tracking

• Up to 72 km / h (in Sport mode)

• Instant Social Media posting / updating on social media in real time

• GPS or indoor positioning

• Quiet and energy efficient design

• PX4 based flight control unit

• Two available versions

In Stock

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Travel Buddy
Mantis Q - the foldable and comfortable drone for both small and large adventures. It listens to you thanks to voice control, and the visual tracking allows you to follow you wherever you are. Whether you're backpacking in Thailand, on a car ride through Europe or with your family on the beach, this energy-efficient design keeps Mantis Q in the air for up to 33 minutes, giving you great photos and videos from above

Face recognition and direct sharing
Whether you're traveling around the world in a camper or making Mantis your daily companion, the Instant Sharing feature allows you to send your photos and videos directly from the app to social media so your friends can catch a glimpse of your adventures. Just smile at your drone if you want - if face recognition is enabled, the drone will take a picture of you as soon as it "sees" your face at a distance of up to 4m.

Up to 4K video resolution
Mantis Q captures images at 4800 × 2700 (16: 9) or 4160 x 3120 (4: 3) pixels in JPEG or DNG format (for later editing) and saves them to the supplied MicroSD card. The same goes for 4K recorded videos. Videos up to 1920 x 1080 (1080P) are electronically and real-time stabilized across all three axes. The integrated camera can be tilted up to 20 ° upwards and 90 ° downwards during flight.

  • Intelligent flight mode
  • For filmed flights, Mantis is also equipped with automatic flight modes, such as Journey or Point of Interest
  • Journey Mode
  • Depending on the desired setting, Mantis Q flies up the linear path and then returns automatically - providing the perfect video.
  • Point of Interest
  • Select an object while in POI (Point of Interest) and YUNEEC Mantis Q will automatically circle around that object.
  • Return home
  • At the touch of a button, Mantis Q automatically returns to a point near the starting area and lands at your side

Control unit included
Manti's flight controls are based on the well-known open source project PX4, known for being extremely stable and reliable. Unfortunately, no video, photo or telemetry data is transmitted to an external server. The included control unit allows a control distance of up to 800 m (CE standard, FCC: 1.5 km).

Intuitive control
The drone maintains its position and height independently and can be controlled intuitively without prior training. All settings and software updates are performed via the smartphone screen. If you want to limit the Mantis Q's activity radius, you can easily do so with a virtual fence: With the push of a button you get the drone back to the starting point and land automatically.

72 km / h top speed!
Not only does the drone provide amazing memories - you also have a lot of fun! In sport mode, the drone can reach top speeds of 72 km / h, while flying with the agility of a real racer. The live image can be viewed with a latency / delay of less than 200ms on your smartphone connected to the remote control.

For indoor and outdoor use
You can check the current location of the drone at any time via a map displayed in the app (the map image requires an internet connection). Its favorite surroundings are open terrain. But thanks to the IPS and ultrasonic sensors, the Mantis Q can fly safely and steadily at speeds of up to 15 km / h in indoor environments where neither GPS nor GLONASS satellites are available for positioning

Two versions available
Folded, the Mantis Q is only 168 x 96 x 58 mm; ready to start it weighs less than 500g. The drone comes in a standard version that includes a remote, battery, spare propeller and a serial triploader that charges up to three consecutive batteries. The X Pack, which is also available, contains the drone and controller as well as three batteries and two sets of extra propellers. It comes in a small, handy photo bag


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