YUNEEC Drone Typhoon H Plus RS RTF 2x Battery & Backpack

VAT included 1-2 weeks

• Smart Hexacopter

• Reliable and efficient

• 1 ”4K camera

• Intelligent flight features

• Intel® RealSense ™ (RS) technology

• New PX4 based remote control with integrated backup and fail-safe

• 5-rotor mode to compensate for engine failure

• No transfer to external servers

• RTF - Ready To Fly

On remote stock. Time of delivery 1-2 weeks.

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Smart Hexacopter
High image quality combined with reliability and automatic flight modes that meet the needs of all photo and videographers. The Typhoon H Plus hexacopter is equipped with a 1 "camera with 4K video resolution, a PX4-based flight control and flight mode from Follow Me and Point of Interest, to Curve Cable Cam. The new Typhoon H Plus is now even more protected against electrical interference and ensures maximum reliability along with its 6-rotor design and the updated new PX4 control.

Reliable and efficient
Refined cable pull ensures optimum air circulation and improved cooling. With many optimizations, the new Typhoon H Plus is one of the quietest and most efficient hexakops in its class, offering 25 minutes of flight time under normal weather and flying conditions. The remodeled ST16 remote has a lighter screen, an additional USB port and a brand new intuitive interface.

1 "4K camera
The supplied C23 camera is equipped with an endless 360 ° rotating gimbal known from the Typhoon H series. 1 "sensor captures images up to 20 MP and video clips up to 4K at 60 frames per second. Improved photosensitivity under low light conditions and increased dynamic range.

Intelligent flying modes
Expand your creativity to the next level by letting Typhoon H Plus autonomous flight modes focus on the flight while focusing on shooting.

Intel® RealSense ™ technology
This Typhoon H Plus RS is equipped with Intel® Real-Sense ™ technology. Thanks to 3D and depth detection technology, the RealSense ™ system detects objects, movements and distances that allow the drone to work independently and easily avoids obstacles in the environment. Obstacles and a safe route will be saved for next time.

  • Orbit Me - Typhoon H flies in a circular trajectory around you, keeping the camera pointed at you all the time.
  • Point of Interest - Select an object and Typhoon H Plus circles self-directed around the object.
  • Journey - The Typhoon H Plus automatically goes up and down as far as 90m, capturing the perfect flying selfie.
  • Follow Me / Watch Me - Follow Me means Typhoon H Plus comes with you. Watch Me instructs H Plus to follow you as you walk, and the camera is always aimed at you.
  • Curve Cable Cam - Simply program an invisible route for H Plus to fly along. The Hexacopter flies between preset coordinates while independently controlling the camera's position.
  • Return Home - Just switch to Home mode and Typhoon H Plus returns and lands within 8m of you.


Yuneec Typhoon H Data

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