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Professional detector with a VERY large recording frequency range. Sound and / or light alarm indicator makes it more user-friendly. Ultra high sensitivity with modular threshold to ensure a more precise location. Wireless detector is designed to detect and determine the location of the recording device in that location - up to 100 meters distance.

It is one of the most advanced portable wireless signal detectors and can record both audio and video signals, whether at home, in the hotel, in the changing room, the restaurant, etc. Used by professionals such as police, military, companies, etc. but also private individuals and detective agencies. Probaly the best quality detector on the market today.

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Main Transmission TX Frequency: 20-6000MHz

Radius range (m): Up to 100 meters

Sensitivity Detection: <= 0.05mw

Dynamic Area Registration: 70Db

Power: 9V battery

Available System: Wireless Hidden Camera, Microphones, Mobile Phones, etc. - All equipment operating between 20-6000MHz

Function: High sensitivity, adjustable range, wide spectrum of detection frequency

Dimension: 122 x 62 x 22 mm

Pack size: 235 x 150 x 80 mm

Weight: 0.6 kilo