About Secureshop

Secureshop is an international webshop who focus on security solutions in all forms and shapes + an additional healthcare segment. We were founded in 2013 and has since the start focused on not just selling our products but most importantly servicing them and giving the support needed. Our philosophy is to make sure our customers are happy with the products they buy from us and know how to install/use them correctly. No customer is left behind if he/she does not know how to use the product we sell – we take responsibility for what we sell unlike many other shops on the internet.

The goal of Secureshop is to sell security and health solutions through our online stores (www.secureshop.dk and www.secureshop.net.br) to individuals and companies within the following product segments:

  • Monitoring cameras

  • GPS tracking solutions

  • Audio/video detection

  • Jammers for security purposes

  • Sensors and security alarms for homes and companies

  • Drones

  • Health massagers and other health equipment’s

Brazil and Denmark
Secureshop has roots in both Brazil and Denmark, which is why we are located in both places with our own offices and stock. In Brazil we are based in Alphaville, São Paulo and in Denmark in Aarhus. Both locations have the same management but though the webshop in design look similar, the products are customized to the market they are in.