Trading conditions


Holme Byvej 35
8270 Hojbjerg
Phone number: (+ 45) 36992111
Company VAT registration number: 25762193

Sales General
The price indicated at the time of ordering is the current order price. Secureshop reserves the right to count on a booking fee of DKK 25.00 incl. VAT, where the booking has NOT been made via Secureshop ' website. 

Purchase with Secureshop
There are no binding purchase agreement with Secureshop, until you have received an order confirmation from the Secureshop. Prices are subject to pricing errors, etc. because of currency changes, war, terrorism, natural disasters, nuclear attack, force majeure, the delivery failure, tax changes, out of stock items and typographical errors. Reservations for out of stock items and deferred delivery time with Secureshop's suppliers. 

Do you want to cancel an already ordered product; the starting point should be done in the same way as the reservation is made. In other words, if the booking is made online, the order should also be cancelled online. If you have managed to cancel your order online through the customer service center, you will receive a confirmation email to that effect within a short time. Alternatively, it can be done by sending an email marked "Cancellation". Here should be the order date and order number.

However, Secureshop cannot make sure that your order can be cancelled. Call therefore to our support center at (+45) 36992111 for questions on the subject.

Shipping & delivery
Delivery method and delivery estimate shown by the individual product. Secureshop using PostNord for shipment by our customers ' orders in Denmark and Scandinavia. Outside the EU, orders are normally sent by DHL or GLS. You will in most cases receive a tracking number to track your shipment. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (+ 45) 36992111 or

Delivery to Greenland and the Faroe Islands
Secureshop sends to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. You are doing a regular order via the online store. When ordering items with shipping address and billing address on Greenland or the Faroe Islands there are no VAT tax.

International orders
International ordres are shipped without VAT to any country outside Denmark. Within EU we must add VAT of 25%.

Prices, contracts, and illustrative images on the site
All prices are incl. 25% VAT and in Danish kroner, where nothing else is mentioned. Prices are only valid within Denmark's borders, excluding. Faroe Islands and Greenland and other international orders.

All contracts shall be concluded in Danish

Note (k) subject to some images that are displayed by the items on the website may differ from the true appearance. Images that appear are only indicative. The item's actual appearance may therefore differ from the illustration that appears on the website.

Particular requirements for dealers and B2B
The same sales conditions as for consumers, however, with the following modification:

  • There is no right of withdrawal for traders
  • Applicable 1-year warranty from the original invoice date. Replacement or repair does not imply that there is a new 1-year limitation period
  • Secureshop reserves the right of ownership to goods bought on credit, until the full purchase price has been paid.
  • All costs in connection with the enforcement of the property reservation is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Accrued interest from the due date with 1% per commenced month.
  • By use of the warranty, the buyer shall be responsible for the shipment of the product, including shipping costs.

The following scenarios will all make that order (without exception) are considered as a commercial purchases:

  • User profile on the website contains a CVR/SE/EAN-number, or is set up as a business/public customer.
  • Invoice address contains company name (you must, however, like to take delivery of a package private on your work-do da instead field with alternative ship-to address for this.
  • A re-invoicing costs 250 kr inkl. VAT per invoice.
  • There may be imposed fee for manual tasking by order not posted via our website, please contact our commercial Department for further information.

Possible methods of payment:

  • All creditcards
  • MobilePay 0% of purchase amount
  • Bank transfer

The 14-day right of regret
You have as a consumer in the consumer sales 14-day right of regret after Consumer contract law. The right of regret cannot be exercised by dealers or B2B customers. The right of regret applies only to 1) contracts concluded at a distance and 2) agreements concluded outside the Secureshop' place of business.

The right of regret does not mean that you have an absolute right to get the full amount for the item return. If the product has been handled in such a way that it has no value, you will not be entitled to the purchase price return. To get the full purchase price return, the item must only be used to the same extent, as is accepted before purchase in a regular physical store. Before you send an item return, you must make yourself clear about an ordinary shop would accept the use of the product has been exposed to. You have the right to see an item and try out some features. On the other hand, will return the amount could be reduced if the product has been used for a prolonged period or at all showing signs of wear.

Note that the right of regret does not apply to the supply of digital content, which is not supplied on a physical medium, IE. game codes, license keys and the like. sent via e-mail, SMS or the like. delivery form.

The cost for shipping by the dismay is paid by the consumer.

Exploitation of the right of regret
Would you like to make use of your 14-day right of regret, you must give us notice within 14 days after the day on which you received the item. The notification shall be given in the form of an unambiguous statement on email to It is therefore not enough that you give notice on the exploitation of the right of withdrawal over the phone. Secureshop draws attention to the fact that we do not pay out cash, but by bank transfer when the item is in fact and tested by our technical department.

Standard withdrawal form:

(this form is filled out and returned only if the right of withdrawal be invoked)

For Secureshop, Holme Byvej 35, 8270 Højbjerg,

-I/we (*) announces hereby that I/we (*) want to make withdrawal force in connection with my/our (*) purchase agreement in respect of the following goods (*)/levering of the following services (*)

-Order number

-Ordered the (*)/received the (*)

-The consumer's name (Consumer names)

-The consumer's address (the consumer's address)

-The consumer's signature (Consumer signatures) (only if the form's content shall be communicated on paper)


The return address is the following: Secureshop, Holme Byvej 35, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark

The package must be labelled right to withdraw and be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice as proof that the item is purchased from Secureshop. The amount is returned via the same payment method as you used for the original transaction, unless you have agreed otherwise.

Secureshop recommends that the item be returned by PostNord. We recommend that the item be sent as parcel post with delivery and T & T number.

In this way it is possible to track the package in the PostNord's system, and it thereby removes any doubt as to whether the package is delivered to the Secureshop. You will thus have the opportunity to call for the package, where delivery has not taken place.

Please note that goods returned c.o.d. or sent without postage denied received by Secureshop.

Note that Secureshop not reimburse additional costs associated with the delivery, if you have explicitly chosen a different shipment method than the least expensive standard delivery that Secureshop has directed.

Conditions for the return of the item
The cost of the return of the item in the event of withdrawal is the responsibility of you as a consumer. Any costs incurred by major Secureshop your refusal of delivery will be deducted from the amount the Secureshop crediting in connection with the item's restitution for Secureshop.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal after Consumer contract law does not apply to:

1. agreements where the goods and the purchase price is exchanged at the same time with the conclusion of an agreement outside the Secureshop business premises, if the purchase price does not exceed 350 us $.,

2. financial services are not performed if the supply of the service is initiated with your prior express consent and the recognition that the right of withdrawal shall end when the service is fully performed,

3. the supply of goods is manufactured according to your specifications or have been given a clear personal touch,

4. delivery of goods, which is likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly,

5. delivery of sealed goods, as of health protection or hygiene reasons is not suitable to be returned, and where the seal has been broken after delivery,

6. the supply of goods which by their nature are inextricably mixed together with other goods at the time of delivery,

7. agreements on specific urgent repair or maintenance work done by you in advance has explicitly requested

8. the supply of sealed audio or video recordings or computer software which you have unsealed and

9. delivery of digital content, which is not supplied on a physical medium.

In order to be able to make use of the right of regret, the item must be shipped to the Secureshop address on Holme Byvej 35, 8270 Højbjerg no later than 14 days after we have received the unequivocal statement that you wish to avail yourself of the right of withdrawal.

Deterioration of the item's value
You shall be liable only for any deterioration of the item's value, due to different handling than what is necessary to determine the nature of the product, properties and the way it operates. Or in other words – you can try the product in the same way as if you tried the item in a store.

If the item is tested in addition to what is described above, we consider the item as used, which means that you know the dismay of purchase only part or none of the purchase price return, depending on the item's commercial value. By commercial value shall mean the price of comparable goods sold to used between trader.

If the item has been mounted, installed and/or put into use reserve the Secureshop reserves the right to reduce the repayment amount by an amount that corresponds to the deterioration of the item's value.

For the purposes of the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned in original packaging. Missing original packaging most often leads to a decrease in sales value, why are the basis of an assessment made by Secureshop will be credited a smaller amount equivalent to degradation. In the worst case, missing the original packaging, etc. mean that your purchase cannot be undone.

Note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of digital content and the like, which are not delivered on a durable physical medium. The right of withdrawal shall lapse in addition, as soon as the seal ring is broken on sealed audio or video recordings or computer software.

Note that if your product comes complete with a games, also known as a game bundle, so will you using your 14 days right of withdrawal only get the full amount refunded, if the envelope containing the game serial key is unbroken. By breach of the envelope's seal, we reserve the right to deduct the game's value in the reversed amount. Each game's value is arbitrarily fixed at USD 300.0-.

The consumer's obligations in the event of exercise of the right of regret/cancellation
All products returned to the Secureshop should be securely wrapped. On the dispatch of the CPU, RAM, hard drives or other delicate products, the product must be returned in a box or similar. Products received in antistatic material must be returned in the corresponding anti-static material.

Items that can be configured or set at your behest, must be reset to the factory settings if you want to avail yourself of the right of withdrawal against the reduced value of the pga. use. As a consumer you bear the risk of deterioration or destruction of the goods before delivery to the Secureshop has happened, and inadequate packaging may result in the rights lapse.

If you later change your mind about exploitation of the right of withdrawal, you shall be liable for any costs incurred by major Secureshop may have, including examination fees, return shipping, working hours in connection with the examination of the product and/or other costs.

The return because of incorrect billing and delivery information
If incorrect billing or shipping information, which means that delivery, will be sent back to us, we reserve the right to charge the customer 500 KR. for return management and costs.

Right of complaint
As a consumer, you have the either 2-year guarantee, which means that you can have the item repaired, exchanged, refunded or refusal in price, depending on the specific situation. This condition, of course, that the complaint is justified. Are there any additional warranty or guarantee, it will appear separately on the invoice. 

Should the item against expectations go during the complaint period, repaired this free of charge on our or the manufacturer's workshop. 

Damage to the product caused by operating errors, handling errors, modifications or coarse abuse from the user's page, is not covered by the warranty. This includes changing the input amperage at any relevant component.

The warranty does not cover failure of the product resulting from the installed third-party software. Therefore, always test whether this error might be caused by applications, drivers, or other, which was not originally installed on the product. 

Secureshop invites the customer to take a copy/backup of all data. Secureshop will not be liable for lost data and other indirect consequential damages, as goods sold by Secureshop may have created, unless it follows directly by Danish legislation. Please refer also to section 78 of the Purchase procedure relating to complaints.

The use of right of claim
Complaints regarding defects must be notified to the Secureshop within a reasonable time after receiving the item. 

We urge that you create a RMA-case via our support menu "create RMA", which you will find in the bottom of the footer of the site. When you create an RMA you must declare about the product's failure or deficiency in the context of the complaint. If you neglect this, it can mean an extension of the remediation process due to error search. 

The buyer must handle the direct shipping costs. However, the seller will refund the buyer's reasonable shipping costs if the claim is warranted. The item must always be returned in proper packaging and the buyer must remember to save the receipt for the shipment so that the seller can repay the shipper's shipping costs. Please note that items sent without postage, on delivery or non-delivery, denied, received by the Secureshop

Items that are not included under the warranty and/or received without proper packaging, will be on-packaged and will be charged an amount equal to the cost of necessary packaging. Goods returned on or sent without postage denied received by Secureshop.All products returned to the Secureshop should be securely wrapped.

The product must be submitted complete. It will say that all the supplied cables, readable media and the like attached to the product being advertised above, must be returned together with the defective product.

Secureshop recommends that the item be returned by PostNord and that the item be sent as parcel post. In this way it is possible to track the package in the PostNord's system, and it thus removes any doubt as to whether the goods have been handed over to the Secureshop. Further, the customer has the opportunity to be able to call the package if the extradition has not taken place. 

All products received from Secureshop wrapped in antistatic material, in the event that the return be wrapped in matching anti-static material. If this does not happen, can the item be damaged, which may result in forfeiture of your rights.

Secureshop can not be held responsible for compatibility issues as a result of changes in a configuration of Secureshop ' composite components. Secureshop can not be held responsible for compatibility issues between hardware parts when buying for yourself decor. 

By the customer's return of defective or incorrect goods for Secureshop, where error or defect defined and specified by the customer are not detected, the item will be returned to the customer including a test fee. Secureshop reserves the right to charge this fee and shipping costs per after claims in the absence of a credit agreement. 

Test fee is DKK 250.00 per half hour incl. However, max 500 DKK incl. VAT. Test fee is calculated on the basis of time consumed during the testing and debugging. 

Accompany that accessories, number and product description contained in the scope. Included accessories, which do not immediately appear on the enclosed RMA form (complaint form), cannot be held responsible for the large Secureshop possible loss of these effects. 

Goods should be returned with an invoice copy, where you made your purchase for the advertised product is clear, since otherwise the item will be filed, pending invoice copy and possibly error message on the product. 

Items that are not included under the warranty, and as received without proper packaging, will be on packaged and will be charged an amount equal to our expenses for necessary and proper packaging.

Personal data policy
The processing of personal data is governed by the privacy law. Secureshop stores your information provided in 5 years. The reason is that on part 5-year guarantee from the supplier of goods. In order to be able to help them, we need to keep the information provided throughout this period. The data controller is Secureshop 

As registered with the Secureshop, you'll always have the option of insight and you can make an objection against a registration according to the rules of privacy law.

You can at any time see what contact information Secureshop store has registered about you inside your customer center. Should you as a customer want to get deleted or modified certain information from your user account, so that our customer support is available at or at (+ 45) 36992111

Secureshop's guidelines for the collection of personal information
When you visit the Secureshop you may find that you need to deliver information such as name, address, e-mail address or phone numbers in connection with registration for one or more services, as well as ordering goods. These information sells Secureshop are not passed on to third parties without your explicit consent. In connection with the purchase of goods on the Secureshop, it may be necessary to disclose information to third parties, for example, PostNord or other carrier, and you'll therefore when ordering goods on the Secureshop consent in that Secureshop disclose information that is necessary for the order's implementation and delivery, to a third party. Secureshop store takes advantage of user reviews on trustpilot, for purchases of Secureshop pass your email to trustpilot, as is data processor for this purpose.

When paying with a credit card, this information is sent encrypted to our payment provider directly.

Secureshop does not have access to Your card information. We only disclose personal information if required by law or if there is a court order. It can happen that we record your behavior on SecureshopIVS's pages to ensure the best possible experience. As visitors to the Secureshop is it possible that SecureshopIVS obtains no identifying information like age, gender, postal address etc.

This is what we are doing, among other things, to find out which of our products are the most popular. Secureshop is responsible for the collection and management of data on Secureshop.

Access to justice
If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact In case we fail to find a solution, you can lodge a complaint to the Center for complaint resolution, provided that the conditions are fulfilled, see or make use of the EU-Commission's online complaint portal lodged here- When filing a complaint, you must provide our email address.

Trading conditions are updated 16/09-2019