Yuneec Camera CGOET H520

VAT included

• Double image gimbal integrated camera system

• Available for drone H520 and Typhoon H

• Temperature measurement and display

• Different color spectra allow accurate visualization of heat sources

• Adjustable temperature sensing scale to focus on relevant areas

• Gimbal-mounted IR for smooth detection

• Dual HD and infrared simultaneous recording

• Thermal image resolution

CGOET is an innovative combination of thermal imaging and a low-light camera with a 3-axis gimbal that can rotate continuously 360 °. With thermal imaging cameras, the temperature of the image is selectively measured, indicating relative temperature differences. The remaining IR lens has 20x higher sensitivity than the human eye and captures excellent images, especially in low light.

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The snap coupling and locking mechanism of the gimbal and drone mounting system enables quick and efficient change of cameras.

360 ° rotation
The CGOET gimbal can rotate continuously with 360 ° axis rotation. This unique feature combined with the H520 retractable landing gear gives the operator continuous 360 unlimited camera angle and the ability to continuously pan the camera.

Double lens
The 1080p low-light camera, along with the commodity camera, combines superimposing IR and RGB into a clean and accurate image. Capture infrared and video images with identical positioning via a single drone. Focus on relevant image areas via CGOET adjustable temperature detection scale. Different color spectra allow for proper visualization of heat sources.

Versatile thermal imaging
Thermal imaging is of great value for solar cell inspection, law enforcement, fire extinguishing, search and rescue, and construction. The Yuneec CGOET not only provides thermal images but also low-light capacities designed for dusk or dark environmental monitoring. Both thermal and RGB images are recorded simultaneously to separate streams for easy playback and editing.