YUNEEC Camera E50 H520

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YUNEEC Camera E50 H520

• Film and inspection camera

• 12 megapixel resolution

• Supports professional exposure control histograms

• Endless 360 ° rotation of the gimbal for perfect image stabilization

• Digital live image transfer with 720p HD

• Full control of the camera via the ST16S transmitter

• Compatible with H520 hexacopter

High lens quality in a compact size
The E50 camera is a medium focal length, high resolution, gimbal stabilized image system perfect for inspection or film applications. The E50 uses a large aperture CMOS imager 1 / 2.3 inches capable of capturing still images with 12 MP resolution.

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Hot swap compatible
The E50 is quickly interchangeable, minimizing handling time and improving productivity. The E50 camera-gimbal combination can be replaced with an E90 or CGOET camera-gimbal combination without powering the drone. The snap coupling and locking mechanism of the gimbal and drone mounting system enables quick and efficient camera switching.

360 ° rotation
A high precision 3-axis stabilized gimbal provides a stable platform for the E50 camera. With a precision of +/- 0.03 °, the E50 images are razor sharp, whether flying or flying at full throttle. The E50 gimbal has the option of unlimited 360 ° axis rotation. This unique feature combined with the H520 retractable landing gear gives the operator full 360 ° unlimited camera angle and the ability to continuously pan the camera effortlessly.

40 mm focal length
The E50's medium focal length provides fast visual images while keeping the drone at a safe distance from the object. Capture all the details required for inspection or recording without getting too close. The E50 has a 10-element, low-glass, fully dispersed lens system with minimal lens dispersion. In addition, the camera is equipped with a filter thread adapted to 30 mm standard filters for flexibility and convenience.

Perfect team
The H520 is the perfect partner for the E50. The Hexakopter is suitable when long flight times and proven technology are required in an all-in-one package. Security with 6 rotors and waypoint technology and many other features make the H520 and E50 camera ideal for both industrial and private applications

Precision Active Inspection
The E50 is ideal for critical inspection of radio masts, wind turbines, oil and gas platforms and other vertical assets. The 40mm equivalent lens allows the E50 to capture important visual details while keeping a safe distance from the object. The production staff will appreciate the cinematic effect offered by the E50's 40mm fixed lens.



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